It’s Time To Kickstart Your Health

MOVE Moonee Valley is pleased to offer the Life! program, a FREE
preventative health initiative.

Since 2007, over 65,000 Victorians have learnt about the steps they can take to live a healthy life. Funded by the Victorian Government and coordinated by Diabetes Victoria, the Life! program is the largest prevention program of its kind in Australia.


What Is The Life! Program?

The Life! program is a FREE healthy lifestyle program that helps you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This program gives you the motivation and support needed to make and maintain positive changes and to adopt healthy behaviours and
a more active lifestyle.

Funded by the Victorian Government and managed by Diabetes Victoria and MOVE Moonee Valley, the Life! program involves an introductory session and five group sessions run across a six-month period.

There is also a follow up session at 12 months. These sessions are delivered by allied health professionals.

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You are automatically eligible for the Life! program if you are:

18 years or over and have been diagnosed with one or more of the following:

  • heart disease or stroke (e.g. heart attack, arrythmia, angina, heart failure)
  • diabetes during pregnancy
  • chronic kidney disease
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood glucose levels
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome

Contact us by email or phone (03) 8364 8984 to discuss joining the Life! program.

How To Get Involved

You may be eligible for the Life! program if you are:

• 18 years and over and have an AUSDRISK score of 12 or above and a Body Mass Index score of 25 or above.

• 18 years or more and have previously been diagnosed with one or more of the following:

◦ Heart attack or stroke
◦ Diabetes during pregnancy
◦ Kidney disease
◦ High cholesterol
◦ High blood pressure
◦ High blood glucose levels
◦ Polycystic ovary syndrome

• 45 years or older, 35 years of age or above and of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent, and have an Absolute Risk score of 10% or above when referred by a GP clinic.

To be eligible for the Life! Program you MUST NOT HAVE Diabetes, clinically active cancer and you must not be pregnant.

Past Life! Program Champions

I joined last year through the Life! program.  

The program, and Facilitators leadership of our group, was a  terrific experience. The wonderful community that is created was the key to supporting healthy lifestyle changes.

I  greatly appreciate the support and admire the energy and continued motivation of all the participants.

The program is great but the Facilitators and the whole team are the real assets!



I can’t believe the changes I have implemented as a result of this program. 

Since starting the Life ! program I have been doing things I’ve never done before or if I did it was a long time ago!

I love the fact that not only everyone in my group, but the whole Community is there to help out at any time, even when I’m struggling to breathe due to the intensity of the exercise, which I am now loving!! 

So thankful to the Facilitator and the whole team for suggesting this life changing program to me…  2020 is about ME!


To enrol in the Life! Program or for more information,

please email:
call: (03) 8364 8984.

*NB* Please note the information sessions focus on prevention and do not cover management of diabetes