Dalal Saad


Dalal began her career as a clinical dietitian working in a busy hospital and eventually shifted into a community based role where she mainly worked with at risk children. Dalal soon realised that the success of a child’s health goals lies with empowering their parents and trying to remove any obstacles to accessing health care.

The potential barrier of a second language is particularly isolating for some parents and Dalal found that having Arabic as a second language was especially rewarding for these patients and set her on the course of pursuing a more formal education in the Arabic language.

Dalal is also a busy mother of four children and can understand the added complexity of trying to manage all of our responsibilities whilst also finding the time to achieve our own health and fitness goals. Helping clients identify their own barriers and finding practical solutions to achieving our long term health goals is both very challenging and satisfying, as it is a problem we all face.

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