Bloating is when the organs of your digestive system are stretched, for example when liquid, gas or solids pool in part of your gut. It can also happen when the contents of your stomach move too slowly through the digestive system; when you have weak muscles in the wall of your tummy; or when your diaphragm muscle contracts instead of relaxing.

Bloating can also just be a result of eating out more, consuming more carbs, or drinking more alcohol.

At this time of year all of the above can be difficult to avoid. 

Carbohydrates are crucial, they give us energy, but this time of year I definitely eat way more than normal and lots of foods that aren’t in my everyday diet.

Carbs are stored in your body as glycogen and glycogen loves to hold onto water.

Retaining excess water = bloated belly.

Do you ever wake up just feeling blah?

First, I think it’s important that you know bloating is normal.

I always notice it even more this time of year, for the obvious reasons…

Even though bloating is normal, it doesn’t mean we have to be ok with it.

It can be insanely uncomfortable and even a sign of a food intolerance or IBS. Regular bloating can be caused by other problems, including:

If you do suffer from regular bloating contact your regular health professional. 


  1. Drink plenty of water. 
  2. Add more fibre into your diet.
  3. Eat less sodium. 
  4. Be mindful of food intolerances.
  5. Avoid sugary alcohols.
  6. Practice mindful eating.
  7. Try using probiotics.


Regular exercise is also important for you because it strengthens the muscles in your core and stimulates the digestive system to push food through. Regular exercise also helps with stress, which affects the nerves in the digestive system and can slow down digestion. To keep your digestive system working well, follow a healthy balanced diet and eat at least 30g of fibre every day. Cut down on processed and fatty foods and drink less alcohol. 

Drink plenty of water

If you are taking regular medicines, take as directed by your doctor.

Don’t overeat and try to eat more slowly. Eating regularly will help to prevent digestive problems.

Avoid smoking as smoking disrupts our digestive system. 

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