What C means in Inbody?


Understanding your body scan results

The InBody results sheet interpretation provides an extensive array of relevant and specific parameters relating to body composition. A full interpretation guide is provided whenever a scan is completed, however the unique feature of InBody is the ability to interpret the results in a very simplistic manner.

Locate the muscle fat analysis on your InBody scan, generally located towards the top part of your scan. From this we want to look at what your results mean.

What is C-Shaped means in Inbody Scan?

The body composition graph forms a ‘C’ shape. Although the weight can be in the normal weight range, this shape can be indicative of lower skeletal muscle mass and higher body fat mass, which can represent an unbalanced body.

A C-shaped person has a shorter bar length for SMM than for Weight and Body Fat Mass. Reduce Body Fat Mass (which would also lower your Weight) and increase your Skeletal Muscle Mass.

The general characteristics of the C shape are:

  • Higher visceral fat level – potentially dangerous internal fat
  • Higher percentage of body fat
  • Generalised larger waist-hip ratio
  • Large difference to arm circumference and arm-muscle circumference – Arm muscle circumference is the measurement of your arm minus the body fat, a large difference between the arm circumference and the arm muscle circumference is indicative of a large amount of fat in this area and is suggestive of possible hormonal imbalances which may effect fat distribution around the body
  • Lower InBody score – This score reflects the overall evaluation of your InBody scan, the higher the score the much better your overall result
  • This shape creates a possibility of a higher probability of being at risk of many health-related illnesses such as hypertension, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • This is generally not an idealistic body shape and may require further intervention from a Health Care Professional

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