What D-shaped means in Inbody?


The InBody Result Sheet displays your body composition measurements in a clear, easy-to-read way to make understanding your results simple.

Below, you will find a concise breakdown of each section of the Result Sheet. You’ll learn what each measurement means, why it matters, and how it can help you be successful in your health journey.

What exactly “D-Shaped” means in Inbody Scan?

If the body composition graph forms a D-shaped, this indicates high skeletal muscle mass with an ideal level of body fat mass, which is representative of a well-trained and balanced body.

Muscle, Fat, & Obesity Risk

“D-Shape” Body Type

If your SMM bar is longer than your Weight and Body Fat Mass, you have a D-shaped body type. Usually, this is an “athletic” body type that many consider the ideal body composition shape. However, if the Weight and Body Fat Mass bars are above the recommended ranges, you should reduce your fat mass to get into the ideal range.


If you want to improve your strength and physique, you should monitor your SMM and Body Fat Mass bars to ensure that SMM increases without a significant increase in Body Fat Mass.

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