Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizers

Why Hand Sanitizers are important most especially during this Pandemic?

According to a study and book by famous author, Paula Zuccotti, we touch over 140 items per day!

Zuccotti’s book, Every Thing We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives  which was first published in 2015. It examines the average number of items we touch each day. The average number was 140, and for some this seemed high but for others it was low.

The interesting thing is that this book uses photos to document all of the items that people touched. This was published long before the pandemic. And before we were all accustomed to using hand sanitiser multiple times per day. We see a variety of items that don’t seem to include what we now call the obvious; “high touch” surfaces.

Hand sanitiser became a staple in our lives after we realised how many “high touch” surfaces we come into contact. And how quickly transmission occurs via these surfaces.

The TGA recommends that hand washing is most effective if you use soap and water. But hand sanitiser where soap and water may not be available.

Hand sanitisers contain antiseptic ingredients. An antiseptic is a substance that is used on the skin to kill microorganisms or prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Hand sanitisers can be either hand washes for use with water or handrubs for use without water. They reduce the transmission of pathogens and bacterial counts on our hands and can also kill harmful germs. 

With all this talk of high touch surfaces it is important to consider that in a gym there is probably more high touch surfaces that other settings. And so hang hygiene is especially important.

Hand sanitizers will continue to come in very handy during this time. It can actually stop the spread of microorganisms, bacterias and harmful germs.

This will not only help stop the spread of COVID but also many others germs!

So next time you step into the gym ensure that you not only sanitise the equipment you use but also your hands before and after your workout!

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