proper breathing

Are you Breathing right?

Proper breathing is an essential part of our health. Using the best technique helps us in keeping our focus, control our emotions and improve our performance when we are under pressure. For today’s blog, we are going to learn about:

  • Benefits of breathing properly;
  • Importance of breathing while exercising; and
  • Breathing techniques
proper breathing
proper breathing
Benefits of Proper Breathing
According to Johns Hopkins’ research, the average breath an adult at rest takes per minute ranges from 12-16 breaths. That’s a lot of breath and if it’s practiced properly then you’ll be able to:
  •         Reduce anxiety and stress
  •         Keep your mind focus and relax
  •         Lower blood pressure
  •         It helps lower your heart rate
  •         Detoxify the body
  •         Helps control your emotions and act accordingly
  •         Lastly, it helps you sleep better

Breathing Techniques

There are tons of techniques in breathing; even you have your own. The usual goals for these are for health and mental being. These techniques are easy to follow but if you want to learn more about it, then you can ask professionals for help. The following are some breathing techniques and practices to follow;

Box breathing

o   breathe in through your nose for a count of four

o    hold your breath for another count of four

o    Then, Breathe out slowly through the mouth for a count four

o   And lastly, wait for a count of four before breathing again

Tactical breathing

You can practise this while doing your work out.

Breathe in through your nose and count from 1 – 4 then out through your mouth for 6-8 counts and do it for 2 minute if you can

Deep breathing

o   Sit somewhere comfortable and relax your shoulders

o   Fill the lungs while u inhale slowly

o   Empty the lungs while exhaling slowly

o   Count to four for each breath.

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