The Importance of Water


It is the building block of life because humans are 60-70 percent water.

Our bodies use water to help regulate body temperature,  maintain other bodily functions and carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Natural mineral water can provide important minerals that support both bone and digestive health. While this type of it may also help lower blood pressure and support heart health, more long-term studies are needed.

But what happens if we don’t drink enough of it?

Dehydration is a condition when a person loses more fluids than they take in. The result is an upset to the balance of minerals in your body.
Dehydration can also lead to severe complications like seizure, swelling in the brain, shock and seizure as human blood loses volume it becomes thicker.
Having thicker blood makes it harder for your heart to supply blood around your body thus increasing your heart rate.

Experts say that you should drink 8-12 glasses of it a day and this is a great guide but it may not always the right amount.
How much of it you need to consume depends on your environment; where you live, your diet, the season or how active you are.

Here are the different types of water:


  • Tap
  • Mineral
  • Spring or glacier
  • Sparkling
  • Distilled
  • Purified
  • Flavored or infused
  • Alkaline
  • Well

“Water Is Your Best Friend For Life”.

Get Healthier and Fitter this 2023!

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