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At the bottom of the Result Sheet is the Body Composition History graph, which automatically tracks your Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat measures from recent tests.

The purpose of this graph is to let you monitor positive and negative changes in body composition so you can adjust your diet and exercise plan to get the results you desire.

The lnBody 570 can determine your Percent Body Fat, The American College of Sports Medicine suggests a PdF of 10-20% for men and 18-28% for women is recommended for good health. It is important to comprehend that the percentage of body fat is the ratio Of body fat relen•want to total weight not just muscle Therefore if total weight increases (e.g. water or muscle mass. exclusively) then It can and will change, however your actual body fat amount has not changed. This is why it falls under the calculated analysis. To be more precise we suggest we should always refer to the amount of body fat in kilograms as this is the true indicator its total and is much more important to monitor for changes.

This section makes it easy to set goals. It can help you reach your ideal body composition, which is defined as the average PBF for their gender (15% for men, 23% for women). For those on an active dietary-exercise modification programs or routine, it allows you to make adjustments to the lean body mass-fat mass ratio rather than simply increasing or decreasing his/her weight. It also explains how you should adjust your weight, especially by gaining or losing muscle or fat. Depending on your current body composition, this section will recommend adjusting it and/or LBM in order to reach the target PBF.

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