How’s your relationship?


The relationship we have with food is such an important part of why we eat, how we eat, our food behaviors and our overall nutrition. Think for a moment do you have a positive relationship with food? So many of us have nutrition fails due to poor diet, secret eating, binge eating and labeling foods as good or bad!

Let’s remove the labels. There is NO such thing as good or bad foods, we have been taught this over many generations and this has led to many of us failing with our health and wellness nutrition. 

It’s time to repair your relationship with food and create a positive nutrition relationship in doing so I can almost guarantee you success!!

I myself come from being overweight, binge eating, emotional eating and eating secretly in the pantry and I still have some slips every now and then, but I can recognize my behaviors and am aware of when I do it and why. It’s being able to recognize these behaviors and why and when they happen. 

Each time you find yourself eating, think about why? Are you actually hungry, are you stressed, happy, sad. It’s then you can repair your relationship with food. 

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