Ways to commit to Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle – Good health is not just the absence of disease or illness, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. This means eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco and drugs and getting plenty of rest.


Below are the ways on How to Commit to Healthy Lifestyle!

Determine Why You’re Doing It

  • Why do you want to set this goal?
  • What will happen when you accomplish it or make it a habit?
  • How does this bring you closer to the person you want to be?
  • How will this goal improve your life?

Take Progress Photos

Sometimes it’s hard to see whether or not you’ve made progress, especially when it’s so gradual. Take regular progress photos to prove to yourself how far you’ve come, stay motivated, and track your progress over time. Schedule it into your calendar each month so you don’t forget.

Schedule Your Exercise

I once heard that you should schedule your workouts like you schedule your doctor appointments; don’t let other to-dos, phone calls or appointments get in the way at this time. Even if you can’t exercise at the same time daily, be sure to include it when you plan each day. 

Stock Your Fridge

If diet is your main focus, don’t leave your fridge to chance. If you aren’t stocking up on healthy foods you enjoy, then you’re more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacks or overeat trying to satisfy a craving through other foods. 

Make an appointment to exercise

Treat working out as an important meeting with yourself, as if you’re meeting with your boss. You can even schedule this with a friend or partner, as external accountability helps tremendously. Furthermore, fitness classes are a perfect way to have everything planned out at a specified time such as before/after work.

Appreciate yourself

Each day, write or think of 5 things you are grateful for. It is hard starting a goal and seeing how far away the very end is, but when you see all the beautiful changes and struggles you conquer along the way and appreciate every moment, it becomes more rewarding.  For example, every time you sit down for a meal you can think of how great it is that you are mindfully nourishing your body and actively taking control of your health.

Keep a journal

Journaling is another great way to track your progress and stay committed. Keep a food log to stay accountable for what you eat each day, record how you feel as you implement healthy habits, and reflect on why you continue to work on these goals. You will soon find that eating healthy and exercising is addictive, and as those cravings or other habits you are working away from crumble away, you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t started sooner!

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