What is a Protein Powder Supplements?

protein powder supplements

What exactly Protein Powder Supplements are?
How does it work?
When do we need it?
And how does it help with muscle tissues?

What are Protein Powder Supplements? Before we even start to answer those questions about it, let’s start by looking back its history.

Protein supplements were first sold in the 50s. Their popularity has increased steadily since then for recreational and competitive bodybuilding, up to the present time where they are now commonly known as a nutrition supplement.

It was used as the easiest way of increasing one’s protein intake with relatively little effort. In today’s era, there are now different types of protein supplements and each has different types of contents from high carbs to high protein etc.

Why do we need protein anyway?

We need protein as it aids in muscle recover. The soreness that we get in our muscles after a gym workout or physical activities are actually small tears in the muscle fibres. 

Protein supplements contain amino acids that are easily absorbed by our body which in turn triggers a response to muscle synthesis and aids the healing process of the muscle tissues and helps build muscle growth.

So when do we need Protein Powder Supplements?

There is no hard and fast of rule of when we need to consume protein. There is many different recommendations, depending on where you are sourcing your information; before your workout, after your workout, in the morning, in the evening, as a meal replacement, it can get very confusing!

The main thing to understand is that protein powder supplements are not something that everyone needs. But, they can be useful to assist with protein intake when a person cannot get enough protein from their regular diet.

So. should you consider protein powder supplements? My recommendation is to take a look at your regular diet. Ensure that it contains lots of variety including naturally sourced high protein food like eggs, chicken breast, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Consider adding a protein supplements to increase your protein intake if you are not consuming enough protein in your regular diet.

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