Blood Pressure – What You Should Know About it

blood pressure
What is Blood Pressure?

It is the force the blood puts on artery walls. Normal pressure is important for the proper flow of blood from the heart to the body’s organs and tissues. Each heart beat forces blood to the rest of the body. Near the heart, pressure is higher, and away from it lower.

As a general guide: ideal pressure is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg. High pressure is considered to be 140/90mmHg or higher. Low pressure is considered to be 90/60mmHg or lower.

What causes Low blood pressure?

Orthostatic hypotension can occur for various reasons including dehydration, prolonged bed rest, pregnancy, diabetes, heart problems, burns, excessive heat, large varicose veins and certain neurological disorders.

What causes High blood pressure?

A diet high in salt, fat, and/or cholesterol. Chronic conditions such as kidney and hormone problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Family history, especially if your parents or other close relatives have high pressure.

What do the two numbers mean?

There are two numbers in your pressure: Systolic, this refers to the pressure inside your arteries when your heart is pumping; diastolic, this is the pressure inside your arteries when your heart is resting between beats.

What is Systolic? 

Your systolic pressure (the top number) is the pressure of the blood in your arteries when your heart contracts or beats.

What is Diastolic?

The second number, called diastolic pressure, measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart rests between beats. A high diastolic reading (equal to or greater than 120 mmHg) is linked to a higher risk of disease involving the large artery called the aorta that carries blood and oxygen from the heart to distant body parts.

If the measurement reads 120 systolic and 80 diastolic, you would say, “120 over 80,” or write, “120/80 mmHg.”

Please check table below for normal Pressures.

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