Where Will Fitness Be 1 Year From Now?

In the world of fitness there is always a new trend, fad or buzz word. A quick Google search of fitness trends will give you an overwhelming amount of information; things such as wearable devices and technology, virtual or digital fitness, at home workouts, and workouts using any piece of equipment you can think of! 

In fitness we are always looking for ways to do things better, faster, quicker or, let’s face it, to make things easier! I believe that this is why these trends, fads or buzz words grab our attention and we also love a challenge and finding new ways to push ourselves.

I am very sure that if we had Googled fitness trends at the beginning of 2020 nowhere would have listed Virtual or Digital Workouts to be one of the biggest booms of the year. 

Whether or not this was a prediction for 2020, we must acknowledge that it was probably one of the biggest trends, not just in fitness, but in all industries, thanks to the global pandemic. 

Did it challenge us? Yes

Did it test us? Yes

Did it force us to think about things differently? Yes

While it may have been unpredicted, it certainly made one thing clear; It is hard to anticipate where any of us will be and what we will be doing in 12 months from now.

What I have taken away from this is that we as humans need to and secretly enjoy a good workout; and we will continue to workout no matter what! 

This is numerous names and labels used in fitness; #fitfam, #fitspiration #gymlife #getfit #fitnessaddict #gym #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney, crazy workout people, the list goes on; but no matter how we label ourselves, what cannot be denied is that we will give anything a go! 


In 12 months it is safe to say we may be participating in a new trend or even in something “old school” like doing a workout from our living room on Zoom, but I have no doubt that we will still be working out!

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