Virtual Fitness – Why You Should Include Into Your Routine!

Working out in your living room is nothing new; at-home workout tapes first gained popularity in the 1980s. What’s the big difference between then and now? Most likely the access to more variety and you get instant feedback in our virtual classes from our ABmazing Coaches.

Here are my 5 reasons why virtual fitness classes should be a part of your weekly routine.

  • Easy to Fit in 30 Before Work

The hardest part of doing a virtual fitness class in the morning is getting out of bed, but once you commit to it, you’ll find that adding a quick 30 minute workout in before your work day will help set your mind in the right space, give you more energy for your day and even more time as you have one less thing to do later in your day. 

  • No Driving Needed

People find any excuse not to work out and one of the biggest excuses is they can be bothered driving to the gym. Well, let’s remove that barrier and all you have to do is login and GO!

  • Access to Variety 

Unlike the fitness tapes of decades past, virtual fitness gives you access to practically any routine. Simply logging into zoom now presents far more choices and lets you try out routines from the comfort of your living room. Plus, our instructor gives you instant feedback that you don’t get from a recording.

  • Classes Keep Improving

Our online format keeps getting better. With music, timer and mic all interconnected to give the class an even better experience! Plus we love your feedback. Every time you give us a suggestion, we listen!

  • Keeps you on track 

When you have limited time or go on holidays, virtual classes can keep you on track. You can literally do your class from anywhere in the world.

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