Aaron Nauta


Aaron is one of the Directors at AB Health and Fitness, as well as Head Trainer. He is a highly trained and sought after coach who is passionate about health and wellness and was nominated for Top Personal Trainer in Melbourne 2019.

Originally from Canada and having travelled all over the world, Aaron now brings his infectious positivity to every experience life throws at him. Aaron studied at the Canadian Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence, and then moved to Australia to study his Bachelor of Sports and Fitness Leadership at Swinburne University.

Aaron has spent most of his fitness career working with people who have injuries and weight loss goals and as someone who spent his youth overweight, Aaron knows what it’s like to carry extra unwanted weight. Whether it’s 1 on 1 personal training or group sessions, it’s easy to see Aaron’s passion in assisting others to achieve their fitness goals. Although Aaron pushes his own boundaries and has completed 7 full marathons and many other sporting events, his biggest joy comes from encouraging others to work hard at their own goals and seeing them achieve them!

Aaron’s background in leadership and teamwork has helped lead him to become an instructor in multiple fields and he ensures each individual’s needs are met and they can achieve their full potential.

Brendan Daynes