Renee Italia

Yoga Instructor

Renee grew up in Melbourne and as a child she was always curious about the world which lead her on several travel adventures. She has lived many places including Singapore for 5 years, working in Education.

It was in Singapore Renee became extremely dedicated to her own Yoga practice finding mental peace and clarity. Renee’s love for yoga lead her on a further adventure in 2016, to the spiritual birth place of yoga – India! Here she studied the ancient life science.

When Renee started out studying Yoga, she had no intention of teaching it and did it as a journey for herself, though once she started, Renee found a deep connection and wasn’t long after that she found herself sharing and practicing Yoga postures with family and friends. This is were her passion grew and teaching commenced.

“Today, I absolutely love teaching yoga, especially to newbies, witnessing the mind-body connection and relaxation gained in a one hour session is magical – Yoga truly is for Everyone!”

Renee is the co-founder of Rebalance Naturally a connected wellness space.  She is a certified Reiki practitioner, life coach, yoga and Ayurvedic teacher, Thai yoga and massage therapist and runs various wellbeing circles/workshops. She looks forward to meeting you on the mat!

For more information and to connect with Renee, see: 

Instagram: @rebalancenaturally

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